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Medium Voltage Switchgear

Gavan-Graham’s Medium Voltage, Metal Clad Switchgear utilizes an  innovative modular design, allowing for far more flexibility than other Electrical Products Manufactures.

With more than 60 years experience in power distribution systems design, Gavan-Graham uses a wide variety of components with the ANSI user in mind.  Our Metal-Clad switchgear allows the end user to design a system that will suit there needs, while still allowing for improved maintenance and monitorin.    Flexibility of engineering is based on a truly modular concept, with many product variations, configurations and options.

Available in in voltages from 5kV to 38kv, amperages up to 3000a

Breaker modules incorporate a three position; closed door racking system, along with fully automatic secondary disconnects to provide maximum operator safety.

Gavan-Graham’s Medium Voltage Switchgear design allows for a complete set of rugged, stackable circuit breaker and auxiliary equipment modules. Precision fabrication equipment and advanced construction techniques result in high quality, properly aligned modules that support efficient field installation and commissioning, and provide consistent interchangeability of drawout assemblies with common ratings.  Modern bolted construction also greatly reduces the down time and costs associated with system changes and expansions.

Flexible Arrangements

Gavan-Graham switchgear components offer a variety of one-high and two-high switchgear configuration options as shown in the example below.  Modules are stackable to a total height of 95 inches.

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